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How EarningsViz works:


The historical earnings moves for a stock are compiled, providing a baseline distribution of how the stock has moved in past earnings.


Live option prices are used to calculate how the market currently prices the earnings move.


We compare what the market currently thinks with what's occured in the past - to show you whether a trade has an edge.


SPLK | Splunk Inc

Current Price: 129.6

Total events analyzed: 28

{{posPercentData[heading.value]}} {{(posPercentData.percentDif*100).toFixed(2)}}%
{{fairPercentData[heading.value]}} {{(fairPercentData.percentDif*100).toFixed(2)}}%
{{negPercentData[heading.value]}} {{(negPercentData.percentDif*100).toFixed(2)}}%

This data was gathered the week of SPLK earnings. The methodology is as follows:

  1. When we sell a vertical spread, we recieve both a defined estimated credit and maximum risk.
  2. Using these numbers, we can calculate what the current market predicts a stock will move, which is the "evZeroVal".
  3. At the same time, we have historical data that demonstrates how the stock has moved in the past, giving us the "actual" value.
  4. By dividing the "evZeroVal" by the "actual" value, we now have a calculated edge for selling the option.

Let's say we theoretically sold each spread during previous 28 SPLK earnings:

By selling the {{data.baseStrike}} - {{data.nextStrike}} spread with an edge of {{data.edge}}, we would have {{data.times}} losing trades. Our total profit after all the earnings would be:
{{data.estCredit}} x {{28-data.times}} - {{data.maxRisk}} x {{data.times}} = {{(data.estCredit*(28-data.times) - data.maxRisk*data.times).toFixed(2)}} total P/L.

The edge calculation makes it easy to identify potential trades - gain insight in where the market is mispricing risk.

Vertical spreads only scratch the surface of how you can benefit from understanding our earnings data - that's why we provide you with plenty of resources in our knowledge base.

No matter if you're an active trader or seeking to migitate risk around earnings - save hours of research and calculations and start making smarter trades today!

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